Meet the Women of Stratton – Kristin Powers

Stratton Employee Experience:

It’s our very own Kristin Powers!

Originally posted on Stratton Mountain Blog:

By Courtney DiFiore

Blog PictureKristin Powers is yet another amazing woman of Stratton. She was only two years old when she put on her first pair of skis. “My grandparents bought a farm just outside of Killington in the 70’s, so ever since I was born, my family would drive up from New York just about every weekend,” shares Powers. As soon as she was old enough to stand, Powers’ grandparents strapped her into those little red plastic skis and brought her down small hills around the farm. It wasn’t until the age of three that Powers began to hit the real slopes. Her and her grandparents would go to Pico Mountain just about every weekend. “It was a chance to get away and do what we love together as a family,” said Powers.

As Powers grew older, she held onto those wonderful memories of the farm and goes back to…

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